How to Create an Effective and Best Editorial Calendar

Creating the Best and Most Effective Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar is something that is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, and groups to manage the publication of content such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, and email newsletters. 

The best editorial calendar helps a publisher or blogger to strategize the future contents. The useful editorial calendar can help in generating traffic, conversions, search engine rankings, good quality advertisement, and social media shares. Today will see how to create the best and most useful editorial calendar for your business.

The main reason behind the need for the editorial calendar is that it helps you to manage your content. The organization that produces a large amount of content, the editorial calendar, helps to strategize it. This increases the reach of the content by posting it at the right time with the right strategy.

Here are some steps that will help you in creating the best and most effective editorial calendar.

Know the purpose of content marketing goals

As we have mentioned earlier, you should be aware of your content marketing goal. Once you get clarification on that, you can utilize the following goals altogether. It will help in several ways including:

  • To drive more traffic to your website
  • improve your SEO
  • To improve brand reach and awareness
  • build loyalty among your customers
  • To generate more leads and conversions from your website
  • To invite more audience on your site and make more sales

Research the topics and create a strategy

At this time, it is not all about attractive headlines and generating traffic. This creates ideas of the type of content that will help you reach your content marketing goal.

  • To generate more leads, create more downloadable content. generate more traffic, post articles that attract readers.
  • improve SEO, create more keyword-friendly content that will target specific keywords.
  • build loyalty and create genuine content that helps customers.
  • create more relevant content that touches the audience.

Do content research and get familiar with analytics

To reach your marketing goals, you should always keep researching the content. The analytics will help you to understand the demand for content. After analyzing the numbers, you can get the answers to the following questions and understand the demand.

  • What types of content generate more revenue?
  • Which are the most effective headlines?
  • What topics are popular among the audience?
  • What kind of content generates more traffic and leads?
  • Which kind of content formats works well for your targeted audience?

You can use these questions to reach your content marketing goals.

Generate more content ideas

After analyzing the above factors, you will get a clear idea about your future content ideas. You can generate more content ideas using such factors. Moreover, it will give you a better perspective of the right content you need.

Before adding those headlines and content ideas into your calendar, ask yourself a question ‘will this certain topic or headline help me reach my marketing goals?’

Analyze your results and modify as per the need

After applying the steps mentioned above to your editorial calendar, analyze the results, and modify them as per the need. However, with continuous monitoring of the strategy, you will find a way to improve your strategy.


Making an editorial calendar is very time consuming, but once you do it, the results will tell you that it is worth making. Marketing your content is an essential process in the Digital world.