Complete Guide to Use Instagram to Boost Your Business

Use Instagram to Boost your Business

With a whopping 1 billion users on the platform, Instagram has become one of the most popular destinations for the netizens. The United States of America ranks first in the number of Instagram users among all the countries. There are around 120 million Instagram users in the United States alone. These numbers alone are convincing enough to use Instagram as a platform to boost your business. Be it a small scale venture, or a multi-billion corporate, Instagram could be used to boost your business market effectively. Instagram also frequently launches several updates with features that are specific for business and marketing. 

Paid Advertisements

If you are willing to invest money for reaching a wider audience, Instagram paid advertisements are beneficial. Paid advertisement campaigns could be used to reach 10,000 followers threshold so that swipe-up links are accessible. Paid advertisements could also help target the audience with specific attributes such as location, interests etc.


Hashtags can be of great use in increasing your reach within targeted audiences. It can be used in Instagram feed posts, stories, and IGTV. You can use up to 30 hashtags. Three to five hashtags should be extremely popular. However, make sure all your hashtags are relevant to your business.

Business Profiles for Instagram

Business profiles can be of great use, for brands for increasing its followers and stimulating brand awareness. The business profiles on Instagram facilitates some additional features that personal Instagram profiles do not provide. Instagram business accounts provide the feature to share contact information right on the profile. However, in the Instagram bio of business profiles, addresses, and contact links could be added easily. The bio also enables sharing the industry that your brand/business falls into. 

Another perk that comes with Instagram business profiles is analytics on your Instagram account. The Insights option allows the owner of the account to access statistics on the performance and reach of the account. However, the insights do not provide an in-depth analysis of your Instagram business profile.

Follow Links in Instagram

Instagram does not support insertion of direct links to websites and blogs. Thus, as an alternative, the link in bio option has grown extremely popular among Instagram users. Instagram story links are great for informing the followers about latest news and events, as well as discounts and offers provided by the brands etc. It allows the followers of the brand to be aware of the latest trends in the market as well. This could be easily used by all the users in Instagram, regardless of the type of account they own. Swipe up to follow links in stories is an exclusive feature provided for Instagram business profiles. The audience could swipe up directly from an Instagram story to follow a link. However, swipe up links could be accessed only after your Instagram business profile earns 10,000 followers.

Account Transformation

A normal Instagram account can be transformed into a business account by going to your account settings and selecting switch to professional account options. Moreover, between the creator or business account option, select a business account to access the features of Instagram that helps to boost your business by increasing the reach.