Know About How to Generate High-Quality Links from Images

How to Generate High-Quality Links from Images

Generating high-quality links requires a lot of work. A good opening visual – a hook – engages your viewers to keep reading. An eye-catching visual will keep you focused, even if you forget the words, the visual will be remembered. As links play a vital role in digital marketing, to bring success and brand’s growth, you need to make sure to have a great impact on your images.

This means you have to present your website information to the search engine which has visual contents in it. Also, you need to know some visual content link building strategy and how it works.

Types of Visual Content Used to Build Links :

Firstly, you need to understand the different kinds of visual content that are available. Here are some key types of visual content you can use to build links.

1. Info Graphics

These are the most used types and became the top-rated medium for learning and retention. Using eye-catching infographics with useful information that can engage your readers, with better understanding, is a good way to earn some links. Also, they show great results on social media as well.

Infographics are popular but some people still feel a slight trepidation on creating them. But once you understand the process and about the tools which help you with it, make it easier. Here is a quick process for it.

  • Collect the data and organize it
  • Write the content to displayed
  • Select a tool to design it
  • Create it

2. Good Usage of Logos

Your brand’s logo comes under visual content. You use your logo in multiple places on your website, and if you’ve written a guest post, been featured, or contributed to other community pages, it will be shown on other websites, too. However, make sure your logo is linked back to your site and keep track of the places where your logo has been shown.

3. Product Photos or a Brand Photo Shoot

If you have an online shop or you’re an e-commerce site, make sure to use your product images for your links building. Always use an original image to your high-quality link, and ensure the steps are taken to optimize each image for SEO. If you don’t have products to take the photo of, then try to use your brand photos by a professional photographer. For example, if you’re an author use your books in the photoshoot.

4. Company or Employee Photos

Photos of your company or photos of your employees can be used for link building. Make sure you have high-quality photos of your company or employees and spell your employees’ names right.

5. Statistical Graph, Charts, and Maps

Data visualization, statistical analysis graphs, charts, and maps are a great way to generate high-quality links. Make sure to keep your information simple for readers to understand. You can use a third-party app for making charts and graphs for you, just take a screenshot of the result and share it on your content website.

Note: Share the source of your report if you go with the third-party route.

6. Memes & GIFs

If you’re not using this content, then you should give a try. Use them well and with good taste, as people love to share good memes or images that will bring plenty of links. Moreover, to make things funny and original, you can generate your memes by Meme Creator for free.