Know About Best Tax Preparation Software Programs

Best Tax Preparation Softwares:

Comparison of TurboTax, FreeTaxUSA, TaxSlayer, and Credit Karma:

Looking for help preparing your taxes and saving money on your taxes? There are many tax preparation softwares available for you according to your specific situation. Look further to explore four excellent options: A comparison of TurboTax, FreeTaxUSA, TaxSlayer, and CreditKarma:

Want to prepare your own taxes but need some help? There are many tax preparation softwares available for you. Tax preparation software takes you step-by-step through the process. The four excellent software for tax preparation is TurboTax, FreeTaxUSA, TaxSlayer, and Credit Karma. The apps allow you to prep tax in both packages – free edition and paid features. TurboTax covers more situations when compared to its competitors, and is well known for its customer satisfaction and trustworthiness.

TurboTax vs. FreeTaxUSA vs. TaxSlayer vs. CreditKarma Overview:

BrandPriceBest For
TurboTax$0 – $120 Federal, $0 –
$50 State (Additional
cost for TurboTax
Simple returns, filers
with complicated taxes,
and needing guidance
FreeTaxUSA$0 – $6.99 Federal,
$14.99 State.
Confident filers needing
minimal guidance and DIY audit support
TaxSlayer$0 – $47 Federal, $0 –
$39 State.
Confident filers needing
audit support
Credit Karma$0 Federal, $0 StateConfident filers that
don’t need much



TurboTax is a guide leader for online tax filing. On the other hand, it has several different versions. Some interesting features include:
Live CPA guidance: This is a premium service that will cost you extra. But if you get it, you can connect with your CPA through a live chat, who checks your taxes and answers your questions before your tax filing.
Three financial numbers: TurboTax gives you access to three key financial numbers, they are – debt-to-income ratio, credit score, and overall income for your yearly tax.


FreeTaxUSA offers two versions of its software. The free version gets you most tax filing and the deluxe version gives you access to increased support options, including Audit Assist.


This is a very affordable software, which you can use for free if you use its basic services. It has a deduction finder tool that allows you to get potential deductions according to your personal and tax information. It also gives an automatic comparison of your tax year to year if you use it for years, which gives you a good handle on your financial situations.

Credit Karma Tax:

This can save you money, but it doesn’t have a lot of additional bells. It features Audit Defense, an easy-to-use interface, and an accuracy guarantee. You can file the most common tax forms with Credit Karma. But it doesn’t support multiple state filings, foreign earned taxes, or state returns for married people. It may not cover your specific tax situation.

Pricing and Fees:


FreeSimple returns$0 Federal, $0 State
DeluxeMore deductions,
including mortgage,
and property taxes
$60 Federal, $50 State
PremierStocks, bonds, and
other investment
$90 Federal, $50 State
Self-employedPersonal and small
business income and
$120 Federal, $50


FreeConfident filers
needing minimal
$0 Federal, $14.99
DeluxeConfident filers looking
for DIY audit support
$6.99 Federal, $14.99


FreeBasic taxes and
student taxes
$0 Federal, $0 State
ClassicAll tax situation except
$17 Federal, $39 State
PremiumSimilar to classic with
priority support
$37 Federal, $39 State
Self-employedPersonal and self-
employed taxes
$47 Federal, $39 State

Credit Karma:

Credit Karma TaxAll tax forms and most
tax situations
$0 Federal, $0 State