How Google Uses Page Experience As A Ranking Factor

Google Uses Page Experience as a Ranking Factor

There are a lot of tools used for SEO. SEO is important because it helps build the website’s reputation. Page experience is very important, and it is one of the tools which is highly useful for making the page rank higher. Search engines count page experience as a validity check. In this article, we discuss how Google uses page experience as a ranking factor.

Page Experience

Page experience also counts as users loving the content. Google places that page as a priority which has good page experience. Page experience counts the usability and metrics about speed. This is because it counts the speed and usability of the website.

Websites Speed

Websites speed determine the customers’ experience. The higher the speed means a better user experience. This is because the speed does not lag and the search engine views it as a good experience. There are a lot of things that are counted under the page experience category. These things include the First Delay and the response. This means the time taken for the web page to process the request. This is taken as the efficiency of the webpage. If the webpage takes too much time to process the request, then it isn’t efficient.


Page experience also considers the safe browsing and mobile-friendliness of the website. Safe browsing means that the website does not have any virus. It also means that the cookies on the website are not harmful to the device viewing them. Mobile-friendliness is important because it helps determine the accessibility of your website. Mobile-friendliness means that the website is accessible to everyone. This adds to the page experience of the user. The easier it is to access websites, the happier the audience will be.

Safer URL

Also, the URL determines the customer experience. The URL determines the authenticity of the website. Having a safer URL will keep the webpage higher in the search engine. These factors give the webpage value and authenticity. This value helps place the website higher on the search page, and is what helps give the websites a higher reach. It is important to have easily accessible content, because the page experience marks will be higher. Google keeps bots in place that are responsible for checking all this. These previously mentioned factors are constantly monitored by Google. Google monitors these factors and the better they are, the higher the page is.

Google’s Algorithm

For example, if the page is fast, then it becomes a priority. Also, the safer the webpage is, the higher Google will place it in searches. These factors add value to the webpage. Google’s algorithm places valuable content highest in their searches because of their newly formed policy. Page experience is very important for growth, and people need to have these factors in check. This is because it helps the website rank higher. Higher ranking websites are more likely to be opened.