Everything You Need to Know About Ad Extensions

What are Ad Extensions?

Ads are the extra information provided to the searcher to learn about the company’s product or service. These are the additional features that are offered to the searcher for better experiences. It will also help in terms of increasing the ROI of your business.  Ad extensions can be done manually or can be automated by the search engine as well. We will discuss various ad extensions available. Let us first go through some manual ad extensions and later on, look for automated ad extensions.

Manual Ad Extension are as Follows:

Call Extension

When you search for anything, your SERP directly shows a number to dial with the ad. It is called a call extension. So, it allows you to add your contact details directly to the search page.

Message Extension

Likewise, message extension also allows you to send messages to the concerned person directly via SERP.

Location Extension

For a location extension in your ad, you need to have a Google business account. Then the location ad extension can be added to the ad campaign.

Affiliate Location Extension

Apart from the ad content, the other relevant search can also appear in between the SERP. If you are a wholesaler in retail stores, then this extension is not for you.

Price Extension

This allows you to add price tags along with the ad about products or services. They are clickable as well, which will enable users to enquire about the product or service as well. It appears below the ad.

Automated Ad Extensions are Mentioned Below:

Automated Call & Message Extension

If one of your conversion goals includes getting inquiries via call or message, then Google will automatically add the extension and also give better user experiences.

Automated Location Extension

If Google found your location details on the website, it adds the extension on its own. Everything is done to have a fantastic user experience.

Dynamic Sitelink Extension

For better user experience, Google can add the site linking extension. It will help the user in getting related searches while looking for their SERP.

Dynamic Callout Extension

Again, if Google feels there is any relevant content on your website, which is to be callout, then it will add the callout extension on its own. 

Rating Extension

If the rating about your website is increasing to a certain level on a few sites, Google will directly add the extension by aggregating the ratings from 5 websites. Therefore it will increase the ratings of your business and help in advertising better.

There are several other manual & automated extensions. You can use them if you want to add any as per the requirement of your campaign.

Extensions are the key to make your add exclusive. In addition, the pop-up ad will support in capturing more and more traffic for the respective landing pages & websites.

Make sure that ads make a difference in the results, as some may affect the traffic and give a high conversion rate. Others may not be like this, so select and draw the campaign with the proper analysis.