Understand the differences between GEN Z and MILLENNIALS


There are lots of differences between Gen Z and Millennials.  The US Census Bureau says that Gen Z (post-millennial generation) forms up to 25 % of the population. Gen Z is the successors of Millennial and they are the preceding generation alpha. Generation Z is the people who were born in the late 1990s and in the early 2000s. Oxford living dictionary defines generation Z as they are the generation of people who reach adulthood in the 2nd decades of the 21st century. Gen Z persons are more thinking about the education cost while compared to the millennial. Gen Z is a follower of their parents.

 While millennials are the people born between 1980 and 1995. There are around eighty million of millennial approximately. Also, there are approximately 90 million of Gen Z seen. The difference in millennial is that they value stability, Gen Z wants to attain their dream job, this will be in their mind. Also millennials do not follow their parents they behave opposite to Gen Z. Millennials often watch their mobile phones and they are quite lazy. They were baby boomers and mega-rich persons. They give much priority to mobile and social networks while they do not give importance to their family members.

 In general Millennials are the persons who are well disciplined, loyal and they are value-oriented persons. They try to make direct contact with people, speak well with everyone, rather than running behind technology and not get addicted to phones. Baby boomers are termed as Gen Z. They are very self-sufficient persons, well committed, competitive. Millennial is said as the generation Y they are the persons born from 1980-1995. Also, they are very curious, have a lot of questioning authority and they are very confident.

Money Management and Entrepreneurial Skills

If you see they look similar to millennials in the political issues and in the key socials. It is found in research that Gen Z has more levels of stress when compared to millennials. Gen z has more adolescent pressures and they are under academic. This Gen Z is hyper-dependent on the technology. Millennial persons spend much more money on the branded items while gen z is many responsible persons, they from the younger period itself start to save money and do money management to tackle the financial future problem-free.

Also if you see Gen Z persons are very tired of overloading information or suggestions. They have huge entrepreneurial skills, create creative products and lead a life that is more independent. In simple words, millennials are the real Tech savers, while Gen Z is the Tech natives. Gen Z is also financially better than millennials and also highly educated than millennials. Gen Z persons are more conservative persons. Millennials have more of an optimistic view of life and they are more outspoken too.

Overall in last year, Gen Z became the largest population who is found to be thirty percent of the whole global population. In the year 2020 gen z will certainly overtake the millennials globally. Larger teens are occupied by the Gen Z group. Thus generation differs a lot in between them and thereby the value also gets different from different thinking.