Everything About Twitter's Work From Home Policy

Work from Home

If you aren’t someone who is living under a rock, you are aware as to how the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic happened to change our daily routines all of a sudden. People all over the world are now having to resort to a work from home policy. This is because everyone irrespective of which part of the world they belong to, needs to comply with social distancing norms. Various companies have taken upon themselves to make sure that their employees are out of harm’s way by allowing them to work from home as well.

Twitter’s Work from Home Policy

Twitter, which is a microblogging social media platform, recently announced that their employees are now allowed to work from home forever! Yes, you read that correctly. They have been given the choice to never have to come to the office. Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey announced this to the employees via a company-wide email on Tuesday.

One of the spokespersons from Twitter has reportedly confirmed this decision to various news publishers. He said that their company happened to be one of the first companies to quickly shift to a model of remote working in response to the rapidly spreading COVID-19.

Twitter, on its company blog, mentioned that they were ‘uniquely positioned’ to be able to respond so fast to this pandemic and allow its workforce to start working from home. They also wrote about how they proved they can make the entire concept of working remotely work efficiently in the past few months.

Social Media Giant

According to the social media giant, all their employees have been strongly encouraged to start the work from the home policy since March 2. In a statement, the company mentioned that whomsoever from their team prefers to work remotely will be able to now do so indefinitely. Additionally, they also mentioned that those who want to willingly return to the office for working will have to patiently wait until September, at the very least.

Until 2021, all employee business travel and all of its in-person events have been suspended by Twitter. They are also providing increased allowances to their employees so that they can buy office supplies which include desks and chairs for their homes. Other tech companies such as Google and Facebook have also extended their policies related to work-from-home into 2021. Amazon, the e-commerce giant has extended its remote working policy until at least early October.

Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco, wherein in April, the city’s Mayor London Breed happened to extend the city’s shelter in place orders through the entire month of May. Meanwhile, steps toward slowly reopening the state, allowing some retailers to start curbside pickup services, has been done by Governor Gavin Newsom. On Tuesday, it was also reported that Los Angeles would probably extend its shelter in place order another three months, where half of the state’s Covid-19 deaths have occurred.


This brings us to the end of our discussion on Twitter and its indefinite work from home policy. Now, let us know some of your thoughts on the subject. Also, tell us what is the one thing you have been missing the most since the lockdowns were initiated.