The Social Media Marketing In 2020 - Ultimate Guide

What You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing in 2020

The following article includes the key social media marketing trends to know about for 2020. Social media has now become synonymous with most – if not all – digital campaigns. However, what worked a few months ago may not get you the same results now. It is more important than ever before for marketers to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to social media.

The Digital Detox

There are more than 3.5 billion social media users across the globe. This suggests that brands have the opportunity to reach larger audiences, as more people are choosing detox. It is more important for marketers to understand and stay ahead of the curve. Doing so ensures you have the right tools, and the required skills to make the most of social media.

Building Social Media Communities

Knowing about marketing experiences is a big part of social media that brands engage with their audience. There are a lot of brands that are seeing more engagement by building communities around their content. This isn’t a new concept, and will likely continue to do so as we head into 2021. Encourage your team to promote content and increase an authentic voice for your company.

Social Media Influencers

One benefit of building communities with word-of-mouth marketing is another big social media marketing trend for 2020. Social media influencers have been around for a while and they offer great benefits for brands. However, big influencers are not only expensive, they no longer have the impact. In comparison, smaller influencers, lead to more engagement at a lower cost, more likely to culminate in conversion.

The Rise of Alternative Platforms

Facebook and Instagram tend to be the core platforms used by B2C brands, with LinkedIn also being vital for B2B companies. However, its active numbers have declined – especially younger users –opting to spend time on other platforms. One social media platform that is becoming a go-to is TikTok, recently seeing a huge number of users.

Social Media as a Customer Service

Customer service is a vital aspect of providing good customer experience. This is a trend that is likely to increase because it is a good way to get 24-hour service. Because social media is so convenient, brands find it easy to use as a method of customer service. This is why social media marketing is a big trend for 2020, especially with online communities.

Telling Stories on Social Media

Since the launch of Snapchat, other social media platforms add stories to this format, Instagram in particular. Stories are visual and consumed in-the-moment, rather than shared to remain visible, and businesses are utilizing this social media tool into their social media strategy. On average, brands are posting one story every four days, and adding a link to their posts on Instagram.

  • Instagram Stories are more authentic.
  • The content is only available for 24hrs, therefore, it will not become outdated.
  • Consumers want to live updates and Instagram Stories are normally the most up-to-date.
  • Through Instagram Stories, you can share easily with other accounts and businesses.