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New York Life Insurance Company, known to be the third-largest life insurance company in the U.S. It was founded in 1845.  It is said to be the largest mutual life insurance company in the United States. The Company has its main headquarters in New York City. 

For nearly about 175 years, people have worked with this New York Life to protect their families and their futures. It believes in trusted relationships that are built on being there at that moment when their customers need them most.

New York Life Insurance Company – For Women to build a Career :

This insurance company offers life insurance, retirement income, investments as well as long-term care insurance. It has the highest financial strength ratings recently awarded to any U.S. life insurance company from all four of the major insurance companies in the U.S.A.

In the early 1800s, it was prohibited by law for women to enter into contracts. Including insurance policies, or even to legally inherit an estate.

Yet in 1880, the New York Life Insurance Company started recruiting women, as they hired the first five female agents. By the 1890s, New York Life witnessed its first female top-producing agents. Considering this was at a time when even the presence of a woman in a business office was humiliated, it was a massive achievement. Today, this New York Life Insurance Company is regarded to be one of the best companies for women to build a career. This can not only be understood in the number of female executives it has but in this field, many female agents have worked, some are currently working in leadership positions.

Term Life Insurance :

With term life insurance from New York Life, the customer gets more than coverage for a given period of time. The term insurance goes beyond protecting the family for the short term. Also, it puts you and your family members on a direction towards financial preparedness for the future. Starting with the term life secures your immediate protection and provides you accessibility to certain features. Like converting to permanent coverage in the future if your life changes. Which means it will help you in achieving your goals at every phase of life.

With Term Life, American customers can choose exactly how long they will be covered. Depending on the variety of needs, a custom policy which can be converted to a permanent policy later. There are some insurance companies that offer either- ‘Long-term protection with flexibility’ or ‘Lifetime protection with the market- based growth potential’. But the New York Life Insurance Company offers both. ‘Long-term protection with flexibility’ offers the ability to adjust the customers’ premiums and benefits when needed. ‘Lifetime protection with market-based growth potential’ provides permanent security and investing options that are assured to grow your cash value over time

 Lastly, it has been found out that the New York Life Insurance Company comprises a varied nationwide labor force. And that has attracted people to join who want to do good and has yielded great success for the company and its customers.


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