stash financial NewYork

Stash is an American Financial Service and Financial Technology Company situated in New York. The company provides both web services and mobile apps, allowing users to start investing in a small amount. 

The company offers more than 40 exchange-traded funds (ETFs). And users can in personal brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, traditional accounts and many more. Stash offers financial education and automatic investing apps as well. It makes investment approachable for beginners, but fee chargers are more compared with others.

They also provide a $0 minimum account but charges $1 to $9 per month, according to the type of account. Stash is best for investors who want guidance in selecting investments, and thematic or impacts investors. 

Moreover, it costs $1 a month for a brokerage account and stash’s bank account and debit card access is a plus point, which offers reward programs and $3 per month for brokerage and bank account plus retirement account. And for $9 per month, stash offers all the above facilities in addition to two custodial accounts for minors, a metal debit card, and a monthly investment research report. Stash doesn’t have Robo-advisors and discretion to manage customer accounts. 

It has tools like:

  • Automatic reinvestment of dividends
  • Retirement calculator
  • Portfolio builder
  • Stash coach helps expand your investing with guidance.

Stash Financial provides :

Investing guidance: Stash is best known for helping beginners how to invest. They ask a few questions to new account holders through an online mobile app and serve up a list of suggestions for ETFs, according to their financial situation.  

Stash presence online investment in an easy-to-read on one screen, they are:

  • A quick synopsis of what the investment is all about
  • A bar visualization that represents the level of risk
  • Last price for ETFs and expense ratio 
  • A list of investment’s holdings.

The online mobile app of stash allows users to link their contacts and Facebook account to it. A selection of stash also based on educational content provided by them.    

Zero account minimum: It takes a low amount to start investing with the stash. They buy ETFs and stocks, then spilled them among the users, which means you can build a portfolio with a few amounts. They also encourage investors to invest additional money. The app can show how much the investor will have in one year, five years, and 10 years too. 

Automatic features: The stash app offers a SmartStash feature that analyses your bank account, and if any extra money is in there, it will sweep into your savings account.

Another feature is the DRIP (dividend reinvestment program)  available for all stash accounts. It lets you automatically reinvest any dividend, which is the smart way to grow your savings.

Custodial account: parents who want to help their children to start investing, will go for a custodial account. They provide educational expenses. 

Cons :

Subscription fee: As mentioned, in the beginning, $1 per month for an investment account and to access an online bank account. As a percentage of assets, it’s quite high, especially for the lower balance one. 

ETFs expenses: Stash provides ETFs that have an average expense ratio.  The annual fee charge of an investor is $0.23 which is high when compared to Robo-advisor.



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