How To Boost Your Phone Poor Signal Strength

How to Boost Your Phone’s Poor Signal Strength

Poor cell phone signals can cause all sorts of problems when you are trying to interact with the world. All the network-related services such as phone calls, messages, and internet streaming services can stutter if your phone does not get a proper signal. While we can’t construct new signal towers to get more bars, we can make some minor changes to avoid interruption in cell service and boost signal strength. Take a closer look at these tricks to help you in increasing the phone’s poor signal strength.

1. Check Your Phone for Any Damages

Sometimes, dropping a phone can cause some components like the internal antenna to be damaged, which can impact the quality of the network service that you receive. It is advised to check your phone for any damages in the back or corners. You can also schedule a free appointment with your carrier. They can run a diagnostic scan on your cell phone to confirm all the hardware components are working correctly. 

2. Make Sure You Use the Updated Software

It may often not be handy to update the software of the phone, so we end up having an older version. This can ultimately lead to your cell phone functioning at a non-optimal level since it does not have the latest bug fixes and optimizations for data, calling, and regular operation. Before you do anything, ensure that your phone is running on the updated or the newest version of its operating system.

3. Use WiFi Calling When You are on a Reliable Internet Connection

If you are experiencing a poor cell phone reception, but you have a fast WiFi connection, then you can use the feature of WiFi calling. Most of the smartphones support WiFi calling, and you can call anybody over your WiFi connection. This is a free and convenient way to resolve the wrong cell signal for your voice calls quickly.

4. Disable LTE Band if Your Phone Has a Single Bar

The bars on your mobile includes multiple things, such as quality, signal strength, and the load on the nearby towers. If your phone shows a single bar of LTE. This can indicate that your cell phone is connected to a highly congested tower. It can also suggest that the signal strength is fragile, or the signal quality is very poor. The most suitable option to prevent this is by disabling the LTE band and using the 3G network.

4. Move to a Better Location

If you are receiving a poor reception inside your office or home, but it improves whenever you go outside, there is a reasonable probability that the building is hindering your signal. If you are out and still can’t get a good network, try moving away from large or tall buildings, walls, trees, or anything else that can cause interference. If you are in a rural area, try moving to a higher altitude. It is also seen that crowds such as music festivals, concerts, or even downtown areas in town can create congestion on the wireless towers, limiting data speed and signal quality on your smartphone.

This brings us to the end of our discussion on how to boost the phone poor signal strength. Now do let us know some of your thoughts on the same.