Complete Guide on How to Generate Better Leads from Webinars

How to Generate Better Leads from Webinars

The best way to generate leads that are quickest and deliver the highest quality leads are webinars. Webinars share expertise and solves problems for the audience, and include interactive events throughout the webinar session. Those types of webinars will generate better leads.

Everyone is using webinars, but it doesn’t mean they’re getting people to sign up for webinars and/or buy their stuff. Sometimes, this happens because people may register for webinars, but that doesn’t mean they attend. And, if they attended, chances are they didn’t purchase the product or service promoted.

Therefore, you must make sure that you have the right audience attending the webinar who can make a purchase. The key to getting the most out of the webinars is to generate as many high-quality leads as possible.

Attract High-quality Leads to Register :

Identify your audience / create a profile of your ideal buyers

The first step is to understand your ideal webinars audience. If the goal of your webinar is to sell a product or service, then you should know for whom do you want to register for your webinars. Marketers can answer this question by creating buyer personas, that helps you to define your target audience.

In simple terms, a buyer persona profile allows marketers to invite and attract attendees who are interested in your webinars and also qualified to purchase your product or service. Buyer personas must inform your webinar strategy at every level to attract more sales-ready leads.

To know about your ideal audience, you can use this data:

  • Whom to invite
  • Topic selection
  • The depth at which you explore the topic
  • The length of your webinar
  • Guest speakers and presenters
  • Channels used to promote the webinar
  • Date/time you hold the live event
  • Key points to highlight in registration landing page

Set up a landing page with targeted messaging

Create a webinar registration landing page with the information you have gathered by the buyer persona. Use content that targets your ideal audience’s main points, needs, and wants.

The goal for this registration landing page is to get more attendees to sign up for your webinar. Also, here are some essential components to have on your webinar registration page.

  • A meta description and a compelling title will boost your SEO ranking and will get the right audience to click through to your landing page.
  • Post a short video explaining the event and to generate excitement about the event.
  • Social proof to reinforce your value proposition.
  • A brief bio of the speakers to build credibility.

Promote your webinars

To get the audience to attend the event, you need to promote and publicize your webinar to reach your ideal audience of potential customers actively through multiple channels.

  1. Email Marketing – Pull a list of subscribers who match the features of your ideal audience attendees. Then send an email blast to the list, focusing on the content and promoting the topics that cover your event.   
  2. Paid advertising – The amount of money that you spend on advertising depends on your specific marketing budget and goals.
  3. Social media – Develop creative social media promotions for your webinar with the help of your creative design team. Focus on the channels that are currently used by your audience, such as Twitter or Facebook.
  4. Partner Marketing – If you’re partnering with an influencer or a company for your webinar hosting, you can leverage their audience to promote your event.